Monday, August 4, 2008

Too Fit To Be President?

Here we go again with the "dumb it down" era for Americans. This time it's coming from a respectable (at least up till now) journal, which has confirmed my worst fears about the former family-owned Wall Street Journal sold to conservative mogul, Rupert Mudoch. Imagine my surprise when I read this missive "too fit for President" on Friday's WSJ.

The WSJ report is to highlight why some Americans might not vote for Sen. Barack Obama; he's too skinny and worse, athletic. Seriously! Do these folks know much about history? Arguably, one of our greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln was skinny to the point of being gaunt. According to WSJ, that is too far back since in comparison to Dubya (who's also known to be fit), Obama is taller and weighs less. And don't get me started on our nicknamed "fast food President" Bubba who's an inch taller than Obama but 50 pounds heavier.

Note to WSJ: Bubba had a triple heart by-pass surgery due to his penchant for Sylvia's and all things fried. And just because two-thirds of Americans are overweight doesn't mean they have to stay in such plight. But not so according to WSJ: Americans would rather have company in their overweight misery. So why not elect somebody who is fat or struggling with his weight?

My skin is crawling as I type these words because I can't believe a journal I was mandated to subscribe to in college as a business student has resort stooped this low in lazy reporting. It never mentioned anything about Gerald Ford - that wasn't far back as Lincoln who lived into his 90s and was considered our most athletic since he was a star athlete and captain of his then high school football team and led his college team to two national titles.

Gosh! What is this election season coming to? So now folks want Obama to pander to the people and eat corndogs on the campaign trails - just makes me wanna holla!

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