Thursday, August 28, 2008

Billary At The DNC

So the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been trying to create conflict and drama about Billary - Bill and Hillary Clinton. What would they do? How would Sen. Clinton throw in her "full-throated" (I have no idea how this phrase became the buzz word of this election season) support. Well, too bad, she came in gracious and according to Barack's words last night, "rocked the house."

Hillary used humor to great effect. I liked the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits," and the twin cities description with John McCain and President George W. Bush - it's kinda hard to tell them apart.

She thanked her supporters for the historic run of her campaign and in the same way asked the so-called supporters if they were in it for her or for the issues with examples of folks deprived of those issues - health care, economy, etc. I thought that was the turning point of the speech. That was her plea for unity.

And did you see how she channelled Harriett Tubman? Who knew Hillary had that kind of soul in her? She told her supporters and fellow Democrats to "keep going" regardless of the challenges they may (and will) face.

But all the aforementioned wasn't enough for the MSM. They started asking questions: Why didn't she define Barack Obama? Why didn't she say he was qualified? Oh for crying out loud! This is all part of the MSM insatiable appetite for drama. The lady did what she was supposed to do and then some. She's been campaigning for Obama over the past month. Let it go! Besides, there have been many Democrats before her who were not as gracious. Oh, I forgot - those were men!

Now to Bubba, I mean President Bill Clinton. That was the dark cloud the MSM were predicting because of his impassioned support for his wife and a little (a euphenism) sulking for her loss. Again, what did the pundits think Bill, the smartest politician of his generation will do? Come on stage and tell them screw you for all you put me through?

Anyway, I thought he was good; almost great (I've heard better speeches from him). Bubba came on stage with his favorite song from Fleetwood Mac which he used during his 1992 acceptance speech "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." I can't count how many times I've heard that song anytime Bill had to come on stage for various events.

And the crowd obliged him for almost five minutes. Gosh that was 16 years ago he first won the election. Boy was I young (or younger then since I wasn't old enough to vote). I'm glad the first sentence was for his support for Barack Obama. He talked about how qualified Obama was and for his first brilliant decision to choose Joe Biden. He showed the disparity of the choices Americans face and how it will be in their best interest to choose Barack and Biden. As always, he "still believed in a place called hope."

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