Sunday, August 10, 2008

Do I Have A Right To Criticize?

As you guys know, once in a while on this blog, I get things off my chest. As I've done with gym etiquette, today is about a church I just started visiting last week.

Well today I chose to check out the Bible Study for the first time but I didn't care for the personal question they started off with. Well, the Bible Study teacher did say if you don't feel comfortable you could say "pass." But one guy had the gall to say "that would be lame."

Anybody who knows me know I could give a you know what of what anyone thinks of me. But I thought being the new girl in class is definitely going to raise eyebrows if I said (what I was thinking) "My name is . . ., I choose to be lame and say pass." So I went for a humorous take on the question but I felt I wasn't being authentic because I'm still thinking about the class three hours later.

Anyway, I spoke to the teacher afterwards about being uncomfortable with such line of question because if I was outside the four walls of the church (even in the church in past times) a look on my face before the words come out of my mouth will be "none of your damn (ok not damn but a cool equivalent) business!"

The teacher was very nice and apologetic and said they normally keep the question on the surface but today was different (gee, why me God!). But I've thought during the past few hours if I should have made any comment (as a visitor) or go for the gusto and draw a line in the sand with my original thought . . .

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