Saturday, August 9, 2008

Questions Surrounding Edwards Affair

I don't know why this always happens when I deserve some break, a scandal literally breaks. Such is the case with the latest John Edwards admission to an affair.

Unless you're living under a rock, you sure have heard what happened to Pretty Boy Edwards during the past twelve hours. This has been one weird week that makes me think the apocalypse is near when Paris Hilton makes sense with her campaign spoof and the National Enquirer spoke the truth. Seriously!

Where was the Mainstream Media (MSM)? Check that out for a minute. The National Enquirer has to be the one to break a major story on a former Presidential Candidate. And after a couple of them in the MSM asked Edwards on the campaign trail on the said tabloid story, they just let it go. It was when Edwards was backed up in a corner by the tabloid stories, he decided to give an interview to ABC's Nightline.

And let me talk to Edwards one minute: What were you thinking? How many times have you seen a person's political career rocked by a sex scandal? Then you took a rule from Bubba's playbook when caught which was deny, deny, deny. And what did you mean by being "99 percent honest" - huh? You either lie or you don't. It's like saying you have a clean glass of water but a drop of poison. Guess what? The whole water gets contaminated!

One more thing: How in the world would you give a half-baked apology? Yes it was! You talked about being "egotistical, narcissistic" - your words not mine but then you showed you still are by trying to play victim. How? In your statement for people to "have at it, because they cannot be hard to you as you've been to yourself." WTH! You are a public official! Yes you asked for your family's forgiveness, as you should. What about the public's forgiveness who passionately supported you? In no where in your sorry excuse of a statement was that mentioned.

I'm not finished yet: No one thinks you're unique in this latest scandal. This writer has told friends and families she will buy a stock (if there was one) on a politician cheating because she could at least see a 25 percent (on a conservative front) return on her investment. So you're not UNIQUE. But it is unique to say you didn't want the affair to be public - are you kidding me! In what world? It is unique that running on a "moral" front you will commit this faux pas. And it is unique when your wife has become a courageous figure in the face of cancer, you chose to make a "serious error in judgment."

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