Monday, August 18, 2008

Democratic VP: My Case For Biden

Since I’m cooped up storm watching, I have some time to write. Let’s talk Veepstakes! The Democratic Veepstakes to be exact. The pundits have been driving me nuts for the past couple of months with the debate of who will be Barack Obama’s running mate. I’m of the notion that folks don’t vote for the Vice President but the VP could influence votes. Sounds oxymoronic? Not really but hear me out.

The Veepstakes talks have gone from Sen. Hillary Clinton (not gonna happen) to John Edwards (fat chance). But these days the search has narrowed to three individuals: Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana and Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia.

Let me play armchair pundit for a minute: I like Joe Biden. Not just for political reasons but as a person. For me, Biden for Politics is like the Charles Barkley for Basketball; they say what others think. They don’t mince words and that is just refreshing for a girl like me. Biden has gone after the President for his policies and for speaking against Obama while he was in a foreign land (Israel). And that was way before Obama was the presumptive Democratic nominee, so he wasn’t doing so to be on Obama’s good side.

Among other Democrats, Biden’s voice was the loudest when the President made such gaffe and no Republican could come against Biden because he knew what he was talking about. He has the longest experience on foreign policy. Oh, and Obama really needs someone who will fortify him in the foreign policy experience because even though he took that two-week trip, he still needs help because John McCain edges him on that front.

Also, Obama will need someone like Biden to go after the attacks that come against him as a nominee for President. And come on, he needs it right about now because he hasn’t seen anything yet what the Republican machine will throw at him. If he doesn’t want to do the mudslinging, he needs someone who will do it for him and that will be Biden. Some pundits have said that Biden comes with baggage; his mouth but PUH-LEAZE!!!

You need a “mouth,” a hype man so to speak on the campaign trail especially during this 24/7 media world. Just like the social rap group needed flava-flav as the hype man for Public Enemy, TLC needed Left Eye as the hype woman (and what happened to the group since she died?)

So what’s wrong with the other two: Bayh and Kaine? Nothing! Bayh is a “good-on-paper” kind of guy. And in the great words of Samantha from the TV series Sex and the City: Good-on-paper guy means bad in bed. Well, I don’t agree with Samantha on that front but I see where she’s coming from. A guy can be so nice but have no sizzle. When you need him to defend you, he cowers or remains silent – sooner or later, you will get frustrated and make a decision whether to keep him or kick him to the curb.

That’s how I see Bayh. Good pedigree from a political family but even though he supported Hillary Clinton initially, Obama was able to almost win Indiana (lost by only two points) during the Primaries when he was down ten points previously. And that was Bayh’s home state!

What about Kaine? Hmmm, let me put the word “inexperience” on him. Yes he’s a Governor but I mean inexperience on the national scene. He’s just come to some Americans consciousness during the past month and yes Virginia is a battleground state for both parties, he’ll be better off campaigning for Obama there to give the electoral votes for Obama – even though Virginia hasn’t voted Democratic for President since 1964.

So to you Barack and your advisors: Heed the words of this writer and a few sensible Pundits. You could use Biden. He’s a good guy; he’s one of the few in the Senate who has a great civil rights record, and that of foreign policy. Oh, and yes he’s got the mouth (he’s been very quiet lately, maybe that’s a hint he’s being pursued) but let’s be honest, your problems at the tightening polls when you should be leading by a landslide from an unpopular president might be because you’re not using a mouth.

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