Friday, August 15, 2008

The Week That Was

Great to be back after an exam and as much as I'm suffering from some effects of sleep deprivation, I'm itching to post some thoughts. So let's go for the rundown for this week.

Georgia On My Mind: No not that Georgia of the United States but that of a Republic with her conflict with Russia. I'm glad as of today, they've agreed to a cease-fire but it still stings that many lives were lost in the process.

Phelps, Phelps and More Phelps: Are you catching the Olympics and watching this phenomenon called Michael Phelps? I can't believe I'm paying attention to swimming instead of basketball.

And I'm not alone, the whole country is under the spell of Phelps to the point of knowing what he eats for breakfast (4,000 calories) and all day. Seriously, how does that guy eat roughly 12K a day and stay in such great shape? Even the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew was having some fun a couple of days ago about Phelps so-called diet.

The Minority Will Be Majority (by 2042): So the U.S. Census Bureau declares America will be the faces of all kinds of ethnicities - cool! Maybe then the question of "where are you from?" will start becoming obsolete.

Clinton Supporters Won't Shut Up: Gee, maybe I'm just a bit young but I haven't seen anything like this with folks still whining about their candidate losing the Primaries. GET OVER IT!!! Long before Hillary Clinton conceded, the Math just didn't add up she was going to be the Democratic Nominee. And Tim Russert (RIP) called it in April (which got on a lot of supporters nerves).

Only for her Chairman, Howard Wolfson, saying this week that if John Edwards had admitted to his affair at the beginning of the Primaries, Clinton could have won Iowa, blah, blah, blah! Shoulda Coulda Woulda . . .Forget that most Edwards supporters (according to Pollsters) had Barack Obama as their second choice. This is all the fuzzy Math her campaign seem to concort.

Then the issue of putting her name in the ballot at the Democratic Convention. Seriously, this is why the Democrats get on my last nerves sometimes. They always seem to find a way to screw something up when the road is paved for them. I hope history doesn't repeat itself because when in-fighting happens at the convention instead of showing a united front, they normally lose the election.

That's just a snapshot . . . hope to get back to my blogging ways next week.