Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Letter to Obambi

Readers of this blog may have peeped something about me: When I start referring to a political figure by a nickname instead of his/her real name (a la Bubba, Billary (Bill and Hillary Clinton),Dubya, Slick Willie), take note. So I start this post to my beloved Obambi.

Yes, I've got to go there because Barack Obama is testing my patience. I've resisted using this nickname for the past month because it represents being soft but when I read that McCain has gained a five-point lead over Obambi, it's time to say can we talk.

A couple of days ago I made my case on why Obambi needed to choose Biden - he needed an attack dog. The cool-headed guy who rises above all kinds mud-slinging is not going to work with this Republican attack machine. And yesterday while watching Obambi on the campaign trail with the Veterans defending his patriotism, I felt like screaming with his demeanor; it seemed he was still defering to McCain hoping the former POW will campaign with some class.

Look, an intelligent person can see most of McCain's ads against you are lies but the thing about lies as the movie "Pretty Woman" told us: When they tell you the lies long enough, you start believing them. So there is a power to repetition regardless if it is the truth or not.

So McCain (I'm thinking of the nickname to crown him on this blog - maybe "McBush") can say over and over again that you will take your ambition to be President over what is good for the country which is totally wrong but guess what? Even though the logical mind knows he's wrong because McBush would not be running for President if he doesn't have the same ambition(he said so in his book). But because he says so with such confidence and repeats it about three times in one day and the news media replays that piece over and over, the viewer (and potential voter) believes him.

And because most Americans are too lazy to read; why is it 12 percent of them still believe you're a muslim? They just consume all that's being fed to them with no critical thinking. But your campaign during the past month has been so timid (even while you were on vacation) to go on the offense (and not just play a weak defense) on attack ads.

How in the world can McBush gain a five-point lead over you when we have an unpopular President, an unpopular war and a bad economic downtown? Something is wrong with how your message is coming across. You have less than eighty days before the election and this is not the time to coast. It's time to get ruthless.

That is why many (both Republicans and Democrats) referred to Slick Willie as the smartest politician of his generation because he knew how to be ruthless when he needed to for the sake of winning. I know theorectically you've got the fire in your belly to run for President but practically, I'm waiting to see the effects of that fire with its take no prisoners approach.

I'm no politian, just a keen observer of the political scene. But I know in my regular life, there is a time to keep quiet and let my integrity speak for itself and there is a time someone will hear me roar when my character is placed under questioning.

You just finished a forum about your faith over the past weekend. Take a cue from the leader of your faith, Jesus Christ. There was a time for Him to be meek as a dove and there is a time to take out the whip on money changers in the temple. We've seen you act like the former and it is commendable. It's time to do more of the latter; take out the whip or risk this writer continuously refer to you as Obambi.

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