Friday, August 22, 2008

Rundown For The Week

This was one unique week with "Fay" visiting us in Florida then staying past due her time. But apart from that, there were some unique things in our world that I've been itching to voice my opinion on. So here's the rundown:

John Mayer's Street Rant:
What a Jerk!!! Those were the words that ran across my mind when I saw this masterpiece from John Mayer on TV. This guy is over 30 years old and he still doesn't know how to react with class when he breaks up with someone. Yes he said that Jennifer Aniston is the smartest person he's even met. Thanks for the back-handed compliment while you're telling the whole world you broke up with her and your pseudo-analysis why you ended a relationship.

Hey John! How about you just zip it or better yet, use your creative license and put the experience in a song. You always sing about how you're waiting for the world to change; well, we're waiting for you to grow up.

What's wrong with "Show-Bolt-ing?" People should REALLY lighten up! In case you haven't heard the latest Olympics controversy, let me give a quick review. It's about the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt who broke the world record (twice). But his first world record setting in the 100 meters was met with some outrage because Bolt had the nerve to celebrate or trash talk after he won.

Time-out people! Especially to my fellow Americans. If it was an American who won the Olympic Gold, would you have had the outrage. The funny thing to this writer was when a former Olympian, now an NBC Olympic commentator Ato Bolden had the nerve to say Bolt should respect the game. Oh Bolden! How short-term your memory is! I remember watching you in my college apartment while you were running with Michael Johnson and strutting your stuff like a peacock.

Besides, look at all the hoopla surrounding Michael Phelps and I was one of them. My TV was set late Saturday night watching his iconic eight-gold medal win - did you see Phelps celebrations even before the eight. Let Bolt celebrate how he wants to. You will too if you put your body through such intense pressure for four years and get the highest honor.

John McCain Doesn't Know How Many Houses He Owns: I don't know if this guy is just so out-of-touch or just balling like that. But I do know, it is one stupid statement to make when many Americans are struggling.

Miami Named Worst City To Be A Sports Fan: All of South Floridians are laughing this morning because we made a "Forbes" List! Can you tell us what is real news? Even I have blogged about my beloved region how we can boo our athletes in a minute when they start losing. See how great you love your Sports teams when they were Legends (Miami Dolphins in the 70s and 80s) or recent champions (Miami Heat in 2006) to becoming a laughing stock in the sports world. Anyhoo, we're just glad we made No. 1 on your list. Thank you Forbes!!!

Obama Keeping Mum on Veepstakes: Let the cat out of the bag already Barack! I'm getting tired of the stake out at three different persons houses by the Media or if it is a lady (I will be shocked if you choose Hillary).

In Remembrance:

The pictures on your left are those we lost this week in the African-American community and got contributions to our American society. Rep. Stephanie Hubbs Jones, NFL Legend and executive Gene Upshaw, and Dave Matthews Band saxophonist LeRoi Moore. My condolences to their respective families.

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