Sunday, August 24, 2008

Congrats USA Redeem Team

Ok I admit, I had a problem with Lebron James guaranteeing gold over a month ago. I thought it was arrogant on his part especially when the rest of the world are gaining grounds in this game we introduced to them called basketball. And making such statement after a disappointing Bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics and a sub-par showing at the world games was uncalled for.

But the USA team lived up to its name and redeemed itself. It's refreshing to see a bunch of NBA multi-millionaires star players come together for the glory of their country and the exuberance displayed after winning the final game on the picture cannot be faked. They earned that gold. Spain basketball players gave them a run for all the NBA players' money and notoriety.

The Redeem Team sealed the game with about two minutes left with a three-pointer (one of his four) from D-Wade leading the team with 27 points and a 20-point assistance from Kobe Bryant. Read that last statement again . . . Kobe "assisted," talk about growth from his ball-hugging ways. Final score: 118-107.

Now let me be a homer for a minute: Dwyane Wade - where have you been? OMG! I almost forgot you were an NBA Finals MVP two years ago with the debacle that became of the Miami Heat last season. Four three-pointers? You hardly shoot "threes." Can I expect that skill in your repertoire next season? Are you really BACK?

You looked very healthy from the knee and shoulder surgeries. Can I expect the "Flash" back at the AAA in a few months and hope this Olympics was not a flash in the pan? But once again, congrats on your gold and hope you bring your revamped balling skills home.

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