Monday, June 23, 2008

GYM Etiquette

One of the reasons of having a blog is getting things off my chest and one thing that is nagging me for a couple of days is manners (or lack thereof) at the gym. So as a public service I'm begging folks especially guys to learn some etiquette in a place that is supposed to be a sanctuary of sorts to work out my issues.

See, I didn't say anything about my body - that's the end result of time spent in the gym but most times I'm running things out in my mind for the day I'm about to have or at the end of the day forthe I've had so far. And some rare occasion, the gym is an escape for the type of day or week I've had. So is too much to ask folks not to give me a neck and eye rolling moment for what I just saw, smelt or felt?

So what prompted this blog posting? My workout at the gym this weekend. Let me list a few of the gym sins (of don'ts) I experienced in less than two hours this past Saturday:

Don't Be A Grisly Adams - Repeat after me guys: I WILL TAME MY HAIR FOLLICLES OR STAY COMPLETELY COVERED. OMG! How in the world in the hot South Florida can a guy wear tank top and some thigh shorts and be a Caveman or the aforementioned Grisly Adams. Please don't be an eyesore.

Here I was working out on the crosstrainer and trying to pass the goal of one hour on this equipment by reading a magazine when Grisly Adams walked by in front of me. Of course my concentration was broken. My eyes followed this guy hairy back all exposed in the flimsy body-builder type tank top and the major hair all exposed from his thighs with his shorts and I started imagining how sweat could get trapped in such in follicles. EEEWWW!

Don't Show Me What You're Packing - Ok Guys, New Rules: Unless you're Lance Armstrong, DON'T WEAR BIKER SHORTS. Seriously! And the thing with these biker shorts wearing guys in the gym, they don't really work out - they parade back and forth in the gym like a peacock. I don't care what you're working with, leave me be and in the process respect me (and the other gym rats) and wear board shorts like most guys.

Don't Undress Me With Your Eyes - Unless you're drop dead gorgeous with major sex appeal, don't gawk at me. Revise that last sentence, if you were drop dead gorgeous guy with major sex appeal, you won't need to gawk - just glance. That's the thing with guys (most of them), they have NO clue about the act of the look. You gotta slap them upside the head to get them into the present when a fine woman walks into a room.

Let me help you guys: There is a fine line between gawking and glancing. And ladies are experts on the act of glancing. When an attractive guy walks in the room, trust me, we (ladies) have noticed him in a few seconds without directing our gaze to his direction. Let's say the guy is on the east of the room, and we are on the west in a circle talking, we can tell you what shoes he's wearing, which can tell us a lot of things about him. Also, we've noticed some unique features like his ass-ets while still going on with the conversation with our present company.

So guys, find a lady to help you with the act of the look because it could be difference in being seen as a pervert or a subject of interest.

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