Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Week In Review

Let’s go for the rundown on things I didn’t get to cover this week:

U.S. Congress Apologizes For Slavery – I’m not big on apologies without any sense of responsibility. Such is the case with this one. I’m not asking for reparations but something like our Native American counterparts achieved from stealing (I mean taking) their land would not hurt.

U.S Senator Ted Stevens Got Indicted – So the longest Republican Senator, Alaska U.S. Senator Ted Stevens got indicted on seven counts of corruption. Is something wrong with me when I didn’t bat an eye when the latest news of this charge happened? I’m hardly shocked about the state of our government or our officials.

Speaking of our officials, some of them are avoiding the indicted Senator like a plague. Honorable mention: a guy running for President (John McCain) who announced he's donating the $5K Stevens contributed to his campaign to charity.

$482 Billion Deficit – Yep that’s the figure the next President will inherit come January. Say what you want about “Slick Willie” chasing skirts, but the guy left the office with a budget surplus.

Exxon-Mobil Post Almost $12 Billion Profit In A Quarter – OMG!

Packers Offer $20 Million to Brett Favre To Stay Retired – It seems every week comes with a new thing with Favre. Can you imagine someone offering you money just to stay away? The Packers are willing to pay Favre $2 million each year for the next 10 years if he stays retired. They must be really desperate or just want a peace of mind. In any case, such action doesn’t make a case for good business sense.

Ron Artest Becomes A Rocket – If there’s a guy who gives me a pause in the NBA, it would be Ron Artest. And I'm a proponent of not putting all my attention on a guy's off-court or off-field's questionable activities as long as he has served the consequences and wants to play. Afterall, we have Ricky Williams who's coming back to the Dolphins for the upteenth time after drug use suspensions.

But when it comes to Artest, I'm tempted to renege on my theory. Why? Oh there are so many instances to count but let me oblige you a little. He was the main culprit in the worst brawl in sports history. Only to come back from the suspension to ask for time off to promote a rap album, a few domestic situations with a significant other and then a spouse, smashed a $35K video equipment after a loss in Madison Square Garden, got in the great Pat Riley's face during a Miami Heat game with his then Indiana Pacers in Miami then giving us fans a nice salutation with the middle finger.

I'm already tired of listing his colorful history and there is still a LOT more I didn't list. Let's just say NBA Commissioner, David Stern owes a few nights sleep and gray hairs to Ron Artest. Artest says he's changed, well good for him and all the best to you Rocket fans.

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