Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ante Up For Africa

In this celebrity-obsessed world we live in, I'm an admirer of a handful (maybe close to two handfuls) of such celebrities. I’ve always felt fame should be used for something worthwhile and those who are famous for doing nothing don’t hold my attention (I’m not going to give such people credit by naming them).

That’s why Don Cheadle is one of those celebrities I hold in high regard. He deserved the BET’s 2007 Humanitarian award, the Peace Award (along with his buddy, George Clooney) last December among other accolades for his incredible work he’s doing in Africa particularly in Darfur.

So today, Cheadle, the self-proclaimed “actorvist” continues his great work by mixing it up with a little play – World Series Poker to aid the genocide victims in Darfur. Tonight, the annual “Ante Up For Africa” commences with various participants such as famed gambler Charles Barkley, who’s lost millions for his habit (at least now he’s doing it for charity)and other athletes along with some Hollywood celebrities engaging in their love for poker but the proceeds go to two worthy causes. Again, a tip of the hat to Cheadle.

More information can be found here: Ante Up For Africa

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