Friday, July 18, 2008

Musings For The Week

Here we go again, another week's wrap-up - here are somethings I might have missed:

Starbucks announces 600 stores are closing: And Phil Gramm says this was a "mental recession." But it wasn't all the economy's fault. I remember four years ago in my graduate program taken Starbucks as a case. I made the case that its growth was tending towards the marketplace's oversaturation. Just in the famed Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, Starbucks had some stores in the downtown area, then on 69th street, 135th street, 186th street (inside the Barnes & Noble), 190th street, two stores inside the Aventura Mall on 196th, then you could find another in the Borders Bookstore (on 201st street). I think I got all of the stores on ONE Boulevard. And New York is even worse.

Katherine Heigl is Staying Put on Grey's Anatomy: Why? This is where I wonder if there is a hidden racism. How in the world would you let Dr. Burke (I mean Isaiah Washington) go after he apologized for his insensitive remarks. But Heigl could stay after biting the hands that feeds her? In case, you guys are unfamiliar with this little show called "Grey's Anatomy," let me explain. A few weeks ago, Heigl (who's had success in two movies) said publicly she removed her name from the Emmy considerations because she didn't feel her character (Dr. Izzie) was given the right materials by the writers. The same Heigl who complained two seasons ago about salary as it relates to the star(s) of the show (let's just say the woman named Meredith Grey should get top billing and one McDreamy). I ask the writers: Why don't you WRITE this crybaby off the show already?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Breaks Down On the View Over the "N-Word:" Oh Please! Personally, I don't use the n-word, whether with the "a" sound or the "er" sound. It's off my vocabulary. But I'll say this as a black woman, Whoopi and Sherri were right. They can use the word anyway they see fit. You Elisabeth CANNOT! End of story!

In case, any of the readers don't know what the fuss is all about and haven't seen the TV news, here's whole fuss:

Jesse Jackson Used the N-word: The reason for "The View" fiasco above and Elisabeth's breakdown. Right now, after Jesse's "nutty" remarks, him using the n-word in the same conversation is absolutely not suprising and the least of my concerns.

Tony Snow passed and was buried: I may criticize the Bush administration (a lot) but I recognize there were a few good men who held critical positions; and Tony Snow was one of them. I liked him. I was stunned when I heard the former Press Secretary's passing and my condolences to his family.

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