Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse's Nutty Remarks

Why now? Not only I can't believe I have to make a quick post in the midst of studying for a few major exams and opportunities but just less than five months into a major election, the gaffes and apologies keep coming! Unless you're living under a rock the past 24 hours, you know I'm talking about Rev. Jesse Jackson's, how should I put this nicely, "nutty" remarks.

I can't believe a camera-loving, microphone-ready for his unique rhyming skills person in Jackson, would make such a blunder in assuming the mic was off by whispering his crude remarks about a Presidential candidate. And of all places, Fox News? Those of you who have been reading this blog since its inception in May can tell I don't hold that "fair and balanced" network with much regard.

And this is not the first time Jackson got in hot water in just this election season (no need to rehash the past). Just last September, he accused Sen. Barack Obama of "acting white." Then he had to apologize and of course, he already apologized yesterday for his desire to emasculate (literally) a candidate he supposed to be a supporter of. I feel like singing the One Republic megahit song "it's too late to apologize."

You know I told a family relative last night who was wondering what the major news was about since she hasn't been in front of a TV or computer (I seem to be the go-to person on anything political and pop-culture in the family) that this whole situation made me realize that a Saturday Night Live skit I watched some months ago got something right.

It was a cartoon-like skit featuring Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and how Obama tried various moves to distance himself from those two by sending them to no-name places around the world where a mic and camera cannot be seen. Also, in the cartoon, if Obama couldn't think of a place to send them and the media is approaching for an interview, he gives his Secret Service a look to cause a distraction to get Jackson and Shapton out of there.

Life has literally imitated art this past 24 hours and it was as if the SNL skit was a self-fulfilling prophecy, only without Sharpton. I don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. I acknowledge and grateful for the contributions Jackson has made to society, I may not always care for his methods.

But I'm confounded when a person wants to just stay on the tracks and reminisce of years gone by when the train has left for a new destination. Hel-lo Reverend: Let me hip you to your Bible right quick, your God acknowledged the wisdom of the children of Issachar because they understood the times.

We are not in the thick of the civil rights movement of 40 years ago and say what you want, Obama is NOT going to be the President of the black race but the United States. It's time to recognize there is a shift and you may still be disappointed you could not win the election (twice) for the highest office in the Land but why don't you encourage yourself that because you ran before and after some black candidates, Obama might have a shot at winning this election. So please, do what your own son said yesterday and keep hope alive and any insults to yourself. Boom Shaka Laka!!!

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