Friday, July 25, 2008

Last Lecture Professor Dies

How do you give somebody a proper sendoff you only knew in less than a year ago but made an indellible mark on your life? How do you give the sendoff when you knew it was only a matter of months that this person will pass? Well you try . . . This person is none other than Randy Pausch, who passed this morning from his battle with pancreatic cancer.

Randy Pausch touched the life of millions through his "last lecture" that became a hit on YouTube and brought him to the forefront of their TV screens via Oprah and Diane Sawyer. I was one of those millions. This was a man on the surface who looked like a fit and healthy man but was giving a death sentence of a diagnosis. But what struck me was how he chose to live his life afterwards - be the best husband and dad to his wife and kids and in the process gave a "last lecture" to his Carnegie Mellon class that became life lessons to many beyond that classroom.

So thanks Randy and I say RIP.

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