Thursday, July 3, 2008

Things I Don't Get - Men's Trends

Another installment of "things I don't get" as I head into our national holiday and this time I turn my attention to the men and what they think is hip or stylish that leave me confused:

I don't get sagging pants on grown men: See I don't have a problem with teenagers with this trend. Ok, I teased a teenage family relative once last year he could meet his impatient friend outside quicker if he pulled up his pants. For the most past, I feel teenagers will grow out of it or the workplace will dictate their fashion choices but when grown men from 25, ok, give them 28 hold on to this trend, I'm left wondering with questions like "what are they thinking?"

I understand the hip-hop world sometimes dictates this trend but come on! Jay-Z is even pulling up his pants and rightfully so when you're pushing 40. This is a national outrage as seen in this video:

I don't get dreadlocks/braids on guys over 35: Listen up guys! The dreads or braids need to go after this critical age. This is one of Cedric the Entertainer's stand up routine of being "a grown ass man." After 35 and still keeping the dreads just looks like you're TRYING to be cool when you might already be.

As a member of a former church, there was a certain Brother that was well past 40 with pronounced receding hairlines, some of my friends called him a slim version of R-Kelly and he was still doing the cornrows. The cornrows started from like two inches from his forehead. Seriously, as nice as the guy seemed to be, that absurd look always got to me. I was thinking anytime he walked by could somebody just tell him to go bald.

Since many brothers take after celebrities especially singers to woo the ladies, I want to show you proof of singers who got rid of the dreads after 35: Eric Benet - check out his clean look for the past four years:
Maxwell (where has he been?) who came out of Exile on the BET Awards (He looked completely different - still handsome grown up):

I don't get the crayola colors trends started by Kanye West: Guys you're NOT Kanye! The funny thing about this rainbow colors is that it makes the guys look like caricatures. And you can tell they are imitating somebody. Let me tell you something guys, Kanye became Kanye by being an individual - a corky individual but one no less. He debunked the tracksuits - the hip-hop uniform at the time for a streamlined preppy look. That's why he is rightfully a "style icon" as he wants to be seen among other things.

You guys copying Kanye's style doesn't make you stylish, it makes you a copycat. How's that for a label when an original would be more complimentary. Get back to the classics of neutrals, with a dash of color and stop making us girls dizzy with the technicolor of crayolas.

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