Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WNBA Brawl

Way to get my attention WNBA! Have a brawl! I've said it before, as much as I love basketball and support women's rights, I don't like women's basketball. But I was left dumbfounded when I saw another brawl across my TV screen when I still remember the "Palace" NBA brawl oh so well a few seasons ago.

David Stern, the NBA Commissioner, is really working for his money these days. From the worse brawl in history (see Palace), dress code fiasco, Referee gamblings and now this from the ladies and one former Piston BAD BOY (Rick Mahorn) who's a coach with the Detroit Shock.

I'm confounded by the latest women's brawl because I know it perpetuates the stereotype of women "catfighting." It's a double standard but it is true. In just a few days, I've seen the best of women in sports (ESPY Award for the "best moment" in sports) and the worst of women (Danica Patrick with another lady driver and this WNBA Brawl).

On the Danica Patrick fighting, I'm glad somebody put her in her place - I am because she's been picking up fights with different race car drivers for some months. The men chose not to do anything (it wouldn't have looked good) but a woman (Milka Duno) is another story. And to think Patrick made history just less than two months ago by being the first woman to win a race - that is one COMPLICATED woman.

Anyhoo, I'm talking about the WNBA. This doesn't look good. It doesn't look good on Candice Parker, a rookie who's supposed to be the savior of the WNBA to make it relevant for people like me who don't watch the game. Not for Rick Mahorn who has four daughters and have released a statement he doesn't lay a hand on any woman (hmmm). But there's one good thing that came out of this brawl; the WNBA FINALLY got some publicity. And as they say in show business: any publicity is good publicity.

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