Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meet The Family

I got into my home last night around 9:30, and I did like what most people do after turning on the lights, hit the remote. I checked out CNN and I had to roll my eyes when I saw on Larry King Live the story of A-Rod and his estranged wife. So I changed the channel a few seconds later to MSNBC and the show, "Verdict with Dan Abrams" and what did I see? The cutest black family I've seen in a while on TV; The Obamas.

That's a pause moment. I thought to myself what a great thing not seeing people who look like me constantly in a negative light in the media but a family like I know represents many black families enjoying the 4th of July festivities. Only, in this case, they are being interviewed by Access Hollywood since the father is a Presidential Democratic Nominee.

I thought the kids, Malia and Sasha were too cute and they definitely have their father wrapped around their fingers (like most daughters). They teased him from wardrobe choices, to leaving his heavy suitcase in the middle of the room that gets them tripped.

Many have wondered if it was expedient of Sen. Obama to show his children in such limelight rather than wave and be quiet. But I think it is great to see a Presidential candidate in another light, a personal and relatable side.

But as of this morning, Sen. Obama didn't think so; he felt the interview was a mistake. He thought they got carried away. Hmmm Senator, that's what you do on the 4th of July, which also happened to be one of your daughter's birthday - you get "carried away." Don't get so buttoned up and make the John Kerry's mistake of 2004 with the word your opponents are throwing around these days; being seen as an "elitist."

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