Friday, July 18, 2008

My Dark Knight

My favorite superhero is back! Yes Batman returns and I can't wait to see him - if my residential area's theatres are not sold out already.

I love Batman because he is technically not a superhero. He wasn't chemically engineered with experiments gone wrong like the Incredible Hulk or Spiderman. He is no Man of Steel like Superman, who moves faster than the speed of bullet but yet, the kryptonite is his archilles heel. And as much as I loved the Iron Man Movie, he still doesn't top Batman because he needs a mechanical heart to control all his superpowers.

Batman is all human. Dark, complex, yet relatable even if his alter ego, Bruce Wayne is so loaded beyond most people's imagination. But that isn't what makes his story to be one this writer finds intriguing. Wayne was defined by tragedy; that of his parents from their senseless murder when he was a child. And though he had the opportunity to revenge their deaths by killing the murderer; he chose not to but for the law of the land to make the judgment.

That power of choice became his moral compass regardless of how tough those decisions might be to the greatest villians he might one day face when he became Batman. But being Batman was a transition - a vast difference from other superheroes who just came into their powers and just knew they could scale walls (i.e. Spiderman), or fly (like Superman).

He came in to his strength through this unsexy word called HARDWORK and another one called SELF-DISCIPLINE. He worked his butt off in isolation thinking one day he will avenge (not revenge) his parents death by fighting crime.

And through his adventures, many find life lessons such as "it's not about what who you are, but what you do . . ." among others. Also for this writer, though the fairytales always hail the "white knight," as a choice for a princess, give her the sexy "dark knight" and that would be to her heart's contentment.

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