Monday, July 14, 2008

Brett Favre's Double Talk?

This is why I NEVER believe any athlete who announces retirement. I don't care if he or she (but let's stick with male athletes since they are the main culprits) says this is DEFINITELY a speech of calling it a career. The last person with the most public retirement speech after flirting with the idea for two seasons was Brett Favre. Check out his tearful speech here:

But four months later, here we go again with an athlete changing back his mind on not really retiring with Favre demanding the Green Bay Parkers give him a release. Picture me rolling my eyes as I heard many sports commentators expressing their surprise.

My cynism started as a teenager with the greatest person to ever played basketball, Michael Jordan announced his "retirement" to play baseball. Then he came back, won three more championships, then he "retired" in 1998 after his sixth and last championship. But Jordan wasn't done, he came back again in 2001 to play for the Wizards stayed through 2003. Now he is officially "retired."

Not only that, Jordan's sidekick, Scottie Pippen was no different. He tried getting back to the NBA over a year ago with trying to join the Miami Heat for the 2006-2007 season. Just because you're in better shape than most guys your age after years of "retirement" doesn't mean you can play on the professional level as you did. Seriously!

There is something about walking away from the spotlight after many years of reveling in it every week. Many athletes have spoken publicly about their private pain of retiring, whether they thought it was too early or too late wasn't the point. It was not being used to the sound of silence. If they haven't planned (and some who have - think Jordan)for such deafening silence, they could go crazy. Now they are not seen as mini gods when they played, they are now regular everyday citizens like everyone else. Think about how that state could be when you've been told since you were a kid as the greatest thing since slice bread.

Then folks who go against the narrative by retiring at the height of their career a la Detroit Lions famed running back, Barry Sanders get so much flak for retiring too early or not caring about the fans. Wow, a person who actually thinks his life is his and nobody else's. Imagine that!

So for all the people who calling Favre to task for his decision to come back to the NFL, put the mirror to your face and see if you will joyously walk away from a gift you were born to have and you've being using it well for over half your life. I don't care if he's pushing 40, he still (currently) a top five quarterback. And even this cynical writer will change her tune, and welcome him with open arms if the rumors are true and Favre decides to be a Miami Dolphin! It will be like the second coming of an older Dan Marino - think about it Favre, playing in the below 0 degree Winter in Wisconsin or the sunshine of Miami?

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