Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Goofy Get Your Gun

It had to be Florida! Sometimes when I'm watching the National News, just like black folks pray it shouldn't be somebody who looks like us, I'm now tempted to wish it's not Florida. Seriously, how in the world does one state find a way to get in the national spotlight like this? If it's not voting debacles, it's female teacher and student unseemly relationships, or college football brawls (and the list goes on).

So last night, my resident state was back in that spotlight it craves and now with the NRA! The NRA won a major battle a couple of weeks ago when the Supreme Court upheld the 2nd amendment which challenged the hand-guns ban in Washington DC for almost three decades. But NRA's battle was not done, it's on to DisneyWorld.

Yes, read that one more time, DisneyWorld. NRA is challenging "the happiest place in the world's" position about its employees not bringing guns to work. This is another attempt for 2nd Amendment justification. Look, NRA, nobody is going against the 2nd Amendment but you also have to follow the laws of your school or workplace.

I was on a campus that states clearly not to bring a gun to campus grounds. Is that banning a right to bear arms? No but if you want an education, you better follow the bylaws of the school. Same for a workplace especially after many stories of going "postal," why would the people at Disney where families go to escape not follow a safe environment law not for just its employees but for the families who enjoy its services?

I guess you see where I'm going with this, I believe in the constitution but I don't just follow the letter of the law, which I think NRA loves to do but consider the spirit of the said law.

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