Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's The Economy Stupid

I can't wait for this guy to get out of office. I'm like millions of Americans waiting for a new era (hopefully, my Candidate of choice gets in after eight years). Did anyone catch Dubya's sorry speech on the state of the economy yesterday? OMG!

According to Dubya, the economy is growing and we all just need to adjust - says old oil money baby! What kind of Jedi mind trick was Dubya trying to play on us especially when the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke was giving an opposite (gloomy) view of the economy at the same time? But Dubya intercepted the major networks while the chairman gave his speech on C-Span (how many Americans watch that channel?) Check out one of my favorite guys, Jon Stewart making it plain with video:

Seriously! Who do you think I believe? Just forget I ever went to business school but as an everyday citizen, who do you think I'm leaning towards? Clue: It ain't Dubya! How insensitive for Dubya to think if I could balance my checkbook (note to Dubya, not everyone could accomplish such feat), I could adjust my lifestyle with the "working" economy.

Ok, Dubya, I know the English language is not your forte but "adjustment" have to do with making a few tactital moves like if the gas price goes up 20 cents, I make an adjustment. When it goes up 200 percent since you've being in office, that is not an adjustment but making an overhaul of my lifestyle.

Perhaps Math and English is not your thing. You used to own a sports team as Governor of Texas. Let me break it down for you in sports terminology. See, in playoff games, the coach makes an adjustment when the team loses one game to counteract what the other team might bring in the next game. If the team gets swept in all games, that means the team was no match for the other team in the first place.

So how does this relate to the American people? I'm glad you asked! The American people are being swept in gas prices, which is affecting all kinds of transportations (heard the crazy stuff U.S. Airways is accused of?), which is affecting the price of groceries. Not only that, their shelters is giving way because of subprime mess, increase in rental properties and their banks are closing down (IndyMac should ring a bell).

Now Dubya, how's that an adjustment?

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