Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mamma Mia McCain

The Abba-loving Senator from Arizona has stooped to a new low with his campaign ads against another Senator from Illinois. Yes I’m talking of John McCain with his incessant (about four) negative attacks against Barack Obama the past two weeks. But as always before the latest Britney Spears and Paris Hilton Ad, Obama brushed it off.

Perhaps it was due to the fact he was on his overseas trip, which really tripped his opponent and his party for such adoration bestowed on him when he’s not even President yet. Even Reagan (50,000) didn’t get such numbers when he declared before the Germans to “tear down this wall.”

Seriously McCain, of all people, Spears and Hilton – two dumb blondes in comparison to Obama. You couldn’t think of Will Smith, George Clooney, or Brad Pitt (who some lineage roots found out he is a distant cousin of Obama) to compare to the Illinois Senator? At least those three actors show how they balance their celebrity with humanity.

No, that wasn’t your intention. You wanted to reduce him as all style and no substance. Forget he became the first black President of the Harvard Law Review; forget his many years as a community organizer, a state senator, a fellow U.S. Senator with you and now running for the highest office of the land against you. Seriously!

Then your excuse for making the ad was to show a satire. Mamma Mia McCain! Here you go again (just can’t resist your Abba group). Haven’t you learned anything about the satire fiasco from the New Yorker Obamas’ cover? And they were supposed to be professionals. Newsflash: You don’t have to explain satire.

When you saw your sorry excuse for satire didn’t stick, your campaign spokesperson, Rick Davis had the gall to charge Obama as playing the race card this morning. Nobody said so until you brought it up. But your innuendos sure sound like a “race” trip up. Why is it that the Spears and Hilton ad look so familiar to one your party used to scare folks in a hotly contested race in Tennessee between Harold Ford (who’s black) and his republican opponent less than two years ago?

Another dumb blonde in the video against a black candidate that led to Ford losing the U.S senate seat with one of the closest margins ever seen. Why reinvent the “race” wheel when it gained a much-needed seat for your party? But you’re not playing the race card. You sure are not playing the card when you say Obama should know his place. And if that card is not enough, how about play the “patriotism” card?

You forgot about that? Let me refresh your memory. When you keep saying that Obama will rather lose the war to win a political campaign while you will do the exact opposite. Come on! If you really wanted to lose the political campaign, why don’t you just drop out of the race because you care about the war so much and stay in the Senate to pass decisive bills for the winning of the said war?