Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why I Blog

This post has been on my mind for some time now but our political and pop-culture scene has kept me quite busy. But the past few days have brought the post to my mind's forefront especially this morning when Joe Scaborough of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" was trying to explain why bloggers have taken Sen. Joe Lieberman - former running mate of Al Gore in the 2000 election now McCain's puppet (the last word mine - but hey, that's how I see it). Scaborough used this phrase: "these bloggers . . ." It's like saying "these people . . ." and you know what comes after that; a beat down or some stern talking to.

Anyway, I know the Mainstream Media (MSM) consider bloggers a pest who take them to task or are taking their jobs but also an asset - this election season has been filled with bloggers on TV or the radio. If blogging wasn't a great thing (from the nose turning device it was with the MSM just a couple of years ago), why is it that I hear CNN's Anderson Cooper, saying for the upteenth time "I'm live blogging throughout the program." We get it Anderson! You're hip! (love Anderson though :-)

I do have empathy for the MSM (I do). There are budget cuts everywhere in their industry (as everybody else's industry). Just locally, a few weeks ago, 250 positions were eliminated from the Miami Herald. It was a sad sight to see on the local news. The same goes for TV and radio. Everything is being taking over by the Internet.

But I also blame the MSM. Many chose not to take advantage of this new media years ago; they never thought it would take off the way it did. Can you believe some media outlets I've been a fan of over the years just opened a "blog" as a companion to their news sites just a couple of months ago. YES! But they want to get the pulse of the audience - the people the show was supposed to be communicating with in the first place. It's what I've called LAZINESS on the part of the MSM.

Think about that for a moment! Have you seen a lot of "color" on TV lately? Good (nay, great) thing huh! When the Jena Six situation happened last year, where did you think the MSM got the information? The bloggers! That story has been floating on the blogosphere for months and it was just before the march in Jena that the MSM picked it up. And who did it need to give them some analysis? Black people especially black bloggers.

What about this election season when there is a certain black candidate making history? The MSM is always referring to the "blogosphere" on how each candidate is being taken to task on a certain issue - how does it know that if blogs aren't being read? But I digress.

The title of the post is why I blog. I have the gift to write. Even my father told me a few weeks ago that I've always found something to do in the area of writing. He reminded me how I was part of the Press Club in Junior High and very involved with the school's magazine. Afterwards, I wondered how he remembered since that has been years ago. Also, I thought to myself he never said anything about me having a head for business - my numbers gift but he referred to my words gift. Interesting!

But there are things that move me to write: injustice, stupidity, but also, grace and valor to name a few. I believe I have a voice to give a voice to those who don't have any. And that voice can't be imitated. I like authencity even in a sea of blogs. I don't want to be like anyone or everyone else. I'm black but I don't have to lace my blog with Ebonics and slangs because that's NOT who I am. Can I flip the script every now and then? Definitely! But it will still be my voice.

I don't have an axe to grind. This blog would not be an angry black woman rant but yes, there are times you can feel my anger - read my whine to Gramm? Yes, I know the plight of the black man and of course, black folks in general. But I also believe in not seeing ourselves as victims but as victors - so you will notice I don't blog "all things black" all the time.

I'm more concerned in being logical in an illogical world and being authentic in a flaky environment. I believe in making our leaders and the MSM accountable. Also, you will see my serious side when it comes to faith and my silly side when it comes to sports and trends. That's who I am and that's why I blog.