Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dumb It Down

Noticed two similar titles in two days? It's intentional since that's where my head is these days. Dumb it down - obviously that's NOT the essence of this blog. But it doesn't mean I haven't heard that phrase time and time again when it comes to my life and others.

It was confirmed by a thought provoking I read last year in a major women's magazine how smart girls have to "dumb it down" to get in a relationship; meaning guys (not all of them) are intimidated by educated and smart girls. The article went further with profiling successful women from a Project Runway contestant in her 30s with a graduate degree to a corporate lawyer on Wall Street especially the latter who had an insecure boyfriend for the kind of success she was able to achieve in comparison to his (you know what was going through my head: kick him to the curb).

Then early this year, I saw the book titled "Just How Stupid Are We?" it makes American voters face the truth of the dumbing down Politics being fed to us. Last week I heard Lupe Fiasco's rap song "Dumb it Down" which made me cringe because of its truth but proud that somebody could make it that cool to spit the truth in rap (especially when I'm sick and tired of the sexist and materialism lyrics in rap). Check out the video here:

Since I like to respect all my "readers" and maybe rap isn't your thing, let me just write out some of Lupe's "Dumb it Down" lyrics:

Chorus 1:

You goin' over niggas' heads Lu (Dumb it down)
They tellin' me that they don't feel you (Dumb it down)
We ain't graduate from school nigga (Dumb it down)
Them big words ain't cool nigga (Dumb it down)
Yeah I heard Mean And Vicious nigga (Dumb it down)
Make a song for the bitches nigga (Dumb it down)
We don't care about the weather nigga (Dumb it down)
You'll sell more records if you (Dumb it down)

Chorus 2:

You've been shedding too much light Lu (Dumb it down)
You make'em wanna do right Lu (Dumb it down)
They're getting self-esteem it down)
These girls are trying to be queens Lu (Dumb it down)
They're trying to graduate from school Lu (Dumb it down)
They're starting to think that smart is cool Lu (Dumb it down)
They're trying to get up out the hood Lu (Dumb it down)
I'll tell you what you should do (Dumb it down)

Chorus 3

You putting me to sleep nigga (Dumb it down)
That's why you ain't popping in the streets nigga (Dumb it down)
You ain't winning no awards nigga (Dumb it down)
Robots and skateboards nigga? (Dumb it down)
GQ Man Of The Year G? (Dumb it down)
Shit ain't rocking over here B (Dumb it down)
Won't you talk about your cars nigga? (Dumb it down)
And what the fuck is goyard nigga (Dumb it down)
Make it rain for the chicks (Dumb it down)
Pour champagne on a bitch (Dumb it down)
What the fuck is wrong with you? (Dumb it down)
How can I get on a song with you? (Dumb it down

Then I read a great post by Frank Scheaffer on Huffington Post titled: Real Americans Are Stupid. Those were all the proof I needed that I had to write this post. Scheaffer talked about Jesse Jackson's comments on Barack Obama "talking down to black people" and other crazy (and stupid) stuff some surrogates have been saying this election season.

So this is a notice: I won't insult the intelligence of my readers and in my life and on this blog, I won't DUMB IT DOWN!!!

P.S. This is one of the few times you'll see the use of "profanity" on this blog but it's in perspective of the art :-)

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