Monday, July 14, 2008

When A Woman's Fed Up

Okay Readers! You get three for one today. That's what getting a breather from the books and having a good (no, great) night sleep I haven't got in many days will do.

Let's talk about my favorite subjects these days, Florida, we even got a TIME magazine cover (not a good one)this week and to borrow a phrase from the Tom Joyner Morning Show, "this is INN (Ignorant Negro News)." Too bad both are linked. This is a story that has South Florida buzzing for the past few days but because of the news on the National scene, I took a pass.

It's about Fort Lauderdale's Chief of Police, Frank Adderly and his wife, Eleanor Adderly involved in a domestic dispute. But this is not just the regular domestic dispute with the man attacking the woman, nope. It's about the woman shooting at her husband several times, in her words, "to scare him."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't shoot at someone (much less your husband) THREE times in his direction to "scare" him. I would say "kill" him is more in order here. Thank God he escaped without any wounds. But what's on everyone's minds around South Florida is what did the chief really do to warrant such actions from his wife. And though the Judge has ordered both to stay away from each other (seriously, does the judge have to say that) for at least a mile, the Chief through his attorney has said he will post his wife's $25,000 bond. HUH! Check out the video here:

Now that must be love or something I don't understand to post your would be killer's bonds. The chief released this statement: ``Despite these trying times, I support and stand by my wife. I love her very much and will do everything possible to get her whatever assistance she needs during this difficult time.'' I've heard of the "stand by your man" mantra but this one is reversed.

This is INN because Adderly happened to be the first black Chief of Police in the city of Fort Lauderdale's 97-year history. Think about that, you get the highest office in law enforcement in a major metropolis, only for your private matters to spill into streets. Also what was his wife thinking? She's not only shooting at a private citizen but a cop! A chief cop! I don't care what he's done, you may think murder but don't act on it - your life is too precious to go to prison.

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