Friday, July 25, 2008

In Case I Missed It

If you've being reading this blog for a while, you know what I do at the end of the week sometimes. So let's go for the rundown:

Lebron James "Guarantees" Gold: Here's the deal with me about guarantees; unless you're Joe Namath who made a guarantee as the underdog going into the Super Bowl about 30 years ago and came through, I don't believe everybody else who make guarantees. Since Namath's iconic guarantee, many sports stars and a few who aren't have made predictions and most times, the guarantee just makes the other team "mad" to prove such will not be the case.

So as great as Lebron is on the basketball court, I think it's premature to guarantee a gold for the upcoming olympics when the U.S.A team has not delivered the past four years. The rest of the world especially places like Argentina and Spain have shown they've got our number even though we introduced the world to the game of basketball. Besides, most of these guys around the world have being playing as a team longer than the U.S.A team. Even when they throw in a few NBA stars into their mix such as Manu Ginobli and Pau Gasol, to win for their respective countries it doesn't affect them; well it does but only for the better.

Barack Obama's Oversees Trip: Wow! So Obama went to various countries this week from Afghanistan to today's France and can you say Rockstar? Even the Daily Show has been having fun with the trips.

John McCain is really regretting taunting Obama for not taken a trip a few months ago. Let's talk about John McCain for a second. Why is he complaining now that he is focusing on Americans' issues while Obama is abroad? He took trips to South America a few months ago and was saying Obama didn't have foreign policy skills. The guy (Obama) finally stood up to your offer and you're whining because you didn't get a shadow of the crowds. Make up your mind McCain!

The Media (really McCain's Campaign) Says They Might Be Favoring Obama: The way I see it, the media follows the new thing just like McCain was "it" in 2000. And isn't McCain who said the Media is his "base." Seriously! Jon - put it in perspective please:

Brett Favre Says He Will Report For Camp: Oh the drama with this guy! All the best to you Packers figuring out this mess and stay strong Aaron Rogers (the guy who's supposed to take Favre's job).

A Jilted Bride Gets $150K: Give it up for justice! So in my lovely state of Florida, a bride, Rosemary Shell got left at the alter and she got even by suing her ex-fiance and was awarded $150,000. Now guys, think wisely when you propose because it can be seen as a "binding contract." At least in Florida.

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