Monday, June 16, 2008

Africa Progress Panel

One of my goals for this blog is not just to highlight what's going on in America but for what's going on around the world. And one of such places in the world that hold a special place in my heart is Africa.

Many in the media are quick to report the negative things such as unrest in Kenya but what about the positive news? Those kinds I'm sorry to say, are far to come by unless you're a person who takes time to read other news reports rather than what the Mainstream Media feeds us, repeatedly.

So today, it was with great delight to hear former U.N. Secretary Kofi Annan talk about a quite new initiative with other global leaders called the Africa Progress Panel. It was to show the opportunities available in the continent and to make her a viable player in global affairs. Another leader joining Annan on this initiative is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

I will be featuring stories like this in the future and in the meantime take a listen on this link with the Secretary and tell me what you think.

Tags: Kofi Annan, Africa Progress Panel