Sunday, June 8, 2008

Clinton Endorses Obama

Now that’s how you give a speech. From now on, that’s how you give a speech. I guess the adage is true: better late than never. Such was the case with Sen. Hillary Clinton’s speech Saturday afternoon. I thought to myself, why didn’t she give such speech last Tuesday night? That way I wouldn’t have criticized her the day after.

But as I listened to a few pundits, I understood the reasoning behind waiting a few days to rally her supporters. But some of the said supporters, i.e. Rep. Charles Rangel of New York and Hillary Rosen, one of her senior advisors called her out for now bowing out gracefully the last day of the Primaries.

However, I have to say Clinton redeemed herself by the Saturday speech. Even a cynic like me had tears in her eyes before its end. I could almost imagine how difficult it must be to be that close to being President; a dream she must have had for a long time to make history only to step aside for another kind of history to be made.

So in that sense, I empathize with her. But much more, I admire her courage in the face of defeat. I commend her for not showing a semblance of self-pity but looking forward to a greater feat that could be accomplished, electing Sen. Barack Obama as next President of the United States.

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