Thursday, June 19, 2008

They Are The Champs

Ok this is coming a day late since I didn't post anything yesterday. Sometimes I feel the need to "unplug" or participate in what's known in blogosphere as "Wordless Wednesday." So better late than never and congratulations to the NBA Champs, The Boston Celtics.

A tip of the hat to one of NBA's classiest guys, Kevin Garnett for finally winning the coveted and well-deserved championship. For vindication to Paul Pierce, who was in the pits (figuratively speaking) last year to being the Finals MVP.

Also, to some former Miami Heat-ers, P.J. Brown for finally getting the ring, the same for Eddie House, and James Posey for getting the second ring in two years - you sure deserve it for the mad defense you play.

Who else? Oh to the Coach Doc Rivers, for getting a belated Father's day present even though he was close to being fired last year. I could only imagine the gift is bitter sweet for him since he lost his own father early in the season.

Did I miss anything? The Lakers? OH PLEASE!!!

Tags: NBA Finals, Celtics Championship