Monday, June 30, 2008

Letter to Michael Beasley

"With the number 2 pick, The Miami Heat selects Michael Beasley." And with those words from the NBA's Commissioner's lips, the whole America Airlines Arena (AAA) and all of South Florida reverberated with joy about the pick. I've had a few days to watch his introduction on the local news and spar off some comments about the selection with one of my basketball buddies family members and here's my thoughts to Michael Beasley:

Welcome to Miami Heat! Welcome to Miami and sunny South Florida! It's nice huh! Long way from Kansas - hope you make this locale a home away from home. Not since a certain "flash" of draft five years ago, have I seen this much buzz about a player. After the despair of a season we just had, there's a sign of life that South Florida is about to turn a corner for the better and perhaps the best as it once was two years ago.

Let me tell you something Michael you may not have heard about South Florida fans: WE LOVE WINNING! This is not a cliche. You may think all sports fans love to win but it goes to another level here. You win, we fill up the stands every night, you start to lose (continually), this is not Kansas, there are many attractions in town to take our minds off our team's demise.

Speaking of attractions, you've heard of South Beach right? Stay away from there! Oh, you did the usual PR move how your head is in the right place, you're here to play some ball not for the night life, blah blah blah. Oh how innocent are you! All 19 years old of you about to be given more money than you've ever dreamed of and South Beach would not tempt you. Awww - how dumb of you! This is a place that brings even grown men to their knees.

Do you know how many mug shots Miami has been responsible for with athletes? NFL, NHL, MLB and your league, NBA - too many to count. But let's concentrate on your league shall we: Gilbert Arenas, Robert Hite (since then gone to the D-league), James Posey, and recently, last week, Rasual Butler to name a few. They are all older than you.

So it's better to know the devices of the enemy than be so over confident. I'm not saying you shouldn't have a life (ok , I would love for you not to have too much of a night life) but be VERY CAUTIOUS. You're going to see all kinds of women (and those who just became women) that would blow your mind in scantily-clad outfits that is just this short of being illegal, it's a culture shock to many and you are not exempt with your dreamy eyes from Kansas. You will be wise to take heed.

Let me give you a tip about being careful, find a mentor. You've got a hometown boy in Udonis Haslem on your team, he's managed to keep his head above water. But that's the thing about people who have lived here for a period of time, they are not suscepible to South Beach's wiles, some of us don't know what the fuss is about until you get folks out of town who can't control themselves. But I digress. Get a mentor!

Like I said before, we like to win! Your PR has been talking about you coming from a tradition of winning (very good), so CONTINUE SUCH TRADITION! Because right now, the championship season looked like eons ago to us even though it was just two years ago. Spend your butt at the gym, have a great attitude with your teammates. That's another thing, you hardly hear of Miami Heat's teammates at odds with each other. We are not the Lakers, we don't care for such drama. Unless it's against one of our biggest rivalries, i.e. Knicks or the Pistons. With all that being said, happy to have you and welcome to Miami!

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