Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lay Off Obama's Wife

I’m beginning to think Fox News network has a distinct agenda of trying to always stay in the week’s news. How do you explain a network trying to put a caller of a person of color in his place a la John Gibson? Or calling the dap a terrorist fist jab? And the latest, referring to Michelle Obama as “Obama’s baby mama” and Obama’s “bitter half?” I’m tempted to use a Senator’s words; Fox News, have you no decency?

It seems this network doesn’t have a semblance of such trait, all in the name of its supported party. Oh, there has been buzz for the past week Michelle was going to be a target for the Republicans but who would have thunk it, a major news network will take the bait. And Gosh, do you really like controversy that much to bring Michelle Malkin (the instigator of the Dunkin Donuts scarf-gate) to continue her hubris? I’ve given her attention once, I’m going to do what I do best to folks like her; ignore her.

But what is it about Michelle Obama that makes you and your cohorts want to attack? You don’t know what a strong educated black woman looks like? So you fall into the traps of what ignorant folks do; attack what seems different. That game has been played in junior and high school since the beginning of time. Too bad, you’re still stuck in such mindset instead of graduating by now.

So your network released a statement today calling it a “poor judgment” on the producer’s part. But we’ve seen this kind of method before from various on-air personalities in the past month saying degrading things about a said candidate or a person of color, then apologizing. When do you start being decent as the norm? Try it sometime, you may generate better ratings.

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