Friday, June 6, 2008

Musings For The Week

Since there are a number of things happening in our world, I thought I should share how I see them through some quick hitters:

It’s Called A “Dap” White People: Proof some folks in Mainstream Media (MSM) need to get a lesson in black affection. I present to you exhibit A: Chris Matthews of Hardball trying to explain yesterday to his viewers a certain PDA (Public Display of Affection) with the "curious fist bump" of Sen. Barack and Michelle Obama. Exhibit B: All over blogosphere and the MSM getting a refresher course on the “dap.” Seriously, don’t these folks hang around any black people?

John McCain’s Sorry Speech on the Democratic Historic Nomination: Did anyone catch that speech? OMG! Even the networks had to cut out of it to watch Sen. Barack Obama and his wife walk to their victory. It was horrible! Who told McCain to speak in a place he had a fraction of one hundredth to Obama’s crowd of twenty thousand?

And for Goodness sake, who worked on the stagecraft? This is my second time of noticing such poor judgment in his stagecraft – a green (eye-sore) backdrop. Also, don’t steal your opponent’s campaign slogan by changing two words – “A Leader you can believe in.” That’s a spun from Obama’s “Change you can believe in.” How about something original Senator? You’ve been chilling for about three months.

John McCain asks Obama to a town meeting: Please don’t do it Barack. At least let McCain wait a while. He wants to tap into the record-breaking crowds you draw and get the free publicity. Let him work for his own crowds and tell him you’ll see him at the debates.

The Vanity-Unfair Article about Bill Clinton: One question: Why? The writer of the said article said his wife, Dee Dee Myers, Press Secretary under the former President was independent of his decision on the said subject. That can be understood; after all, he’s a journalist. But having several unnamed sources in his article doesn’t do his profession justice. I know Bubba has got on a lot of folks nerves during the Primaries but there is a line that needs to be drawn for decency. An article about his many affairs – seriously, did VF need some filler for its pages?

Shocking Hit & Run in Connecticut: This is outrageous! Not just for the driver not stopping but for the by-standers not doing anything for over a minute. Where is the love?

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