Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tavis Signs Off

Twelve years has come and gone so fast and that tells me how long I’ve been listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show. The crew provided humor with substance and made my commute to and at work easier. The substance for some part came from Tavis Smiley with his Tuesday and Thursday commentary each week. No matter what you thought of Tavis, he always made you think.

I thought some of his unbiased commentary brought him ire from the blacks he loved when he took Barack Obama to task early this year. I still have an inkling such ire had a minute part to do with his decision to leave TJMS regardless of his public statement. But the day is here and marks his last day with the TJMS crew.

I would like to say to Tavis, thanks for the memories. Thanks for raising our level of conversations. Thanks for making Washington and other state level of government accountable to her people especially to Black America. Thanks for saying to them “when you make Black America better, you make all America better.” But also thanks, for not making Black America resort to playing the victim when their actions caused their plight.

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