Friday, June 20, 2008

Recap For The Week

TGIF! So here's where I catch up on the week's news and my musings of how I see the situation . . . let's go for the rundown.

Newsweek FINALLY apologizes for an over 20-year article. According to Newsweek in 1986, an over 40-year old woman is more likely to get killed by a terrorist than to get married. So I got wind of this story two years ago during its 20 year anniversary. I could only imagine the uproar which it deservedly got. Well this week, Newsweek apologizes since they obviously found out that something must be true of that adage: life begins at 40. Why can't marriage? If you so choose to wait till that time. My view on this newstory: too little too late. And I'm not sure about you, an apology after 20 years just doesn't seem as contrite.

Cindy McCain is driving me nuts: I have no idea how candidates for Presidents make less news than their wives but such was the case this week. The buzz over Michelle Obama's "View" and the killjoy of McCain who can't let an almost five months ago story. Why does she have to keep bringing the "pride" of her country every chance she gets as a dig towards Michelle?

Speaking of Cindy McCain, no one seems to be mentioning her twice faux-pas with recipes - Hey Cindy! Stop plagiarizing recipes.

Obama's workers snub two Muslim women: Bummer! Speed bump on the road to Barack! Here's the deal Barack: I know you've been denouncing of not being muslim but your campaign is based on unity among all people. So why don't you relay that message to your whole staff and volunteers. So what folks see your picture with two muslim women? You're supposed to be President of the whole United States. And let somebody say something about the picture - their prejudism will show not yours.

Obama rejects public financing: Another bummer! But I get it! This is what is called situational ethics. Hey, even though he flip-flopped from the time he signed the bill for public financing but that was way before he knew he will the Democratic Nominee. Not to talk of the money-making machine he has become. So what is $85 million when he can get about $200 million from the general public contribution? No brainer! But he should brace himself for the hit he'll take this week!

UPDATE: This week's winner was Michelle Obama!!! So Michelle, your husband might be having some bumps on the road in his political career but not to worry you're having the BEST WEEK EVER!

Your appearance on The View was received with rave reviews and "the dress" from White House Black Market - I love your pun on the designer label to wear (wink wink), is sold out both online and offline. WHBM has slashed the $148 dress to $99 and getting more requests for purchase. I only know another woman who wields such power - the Big O. Michelle, take a bow, you're officially a style icon.

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