Thursday, June 19, 2008

No Excuses!

I view exercise as A NECESSARY EVIL!!! One of the reasons I hate (ok, strongly dislike) folks who preach their love for working out. Oh give me a break! I've been working out for years not because I enjoy it but I like the way I feel afterwards. And the way my clothes feel on my body is not a bad incentive. There are things I enjoy physically that has nothing to do with exercise, i.e. dancing (get your mind out of the gutter).

But it remains a struggle for me to get up every morning, put on my workout gears and be psyched to work out. For example, I woke up yesterday at 5am and I debated within myself after about an hour if I should pull myself to go to the gym. I finally left my house around 6:40am to make the less than 10 minutes trip. But guess what? The 80 minutes I spent in the gym did a lot of good that I could bypass my morning cup of coffee yesterday.

The questioning started again this morning when I hit my snooze button so many times. But I didn't make it out the door for the workout but ran out for an early appointment. I know I'm supposed to put myself on the top of the list but gosh has anyone tried the stairmaster? Not the one you stay in one place and just pedal like a bicycle but the one that literally looks like you're taking a bunch of steps in the air - like a stairway to heaven but feels like a downward spiral to the gates of pearls' opposite place.

So imagine many hours later, browsing the days news to find a certain woman to make me feel good about my workout whining - a mother of one year old sextuplets who just completed a marathon! WTH! I hold my head down in shame.

Seriously, how do you complain about exercise when you have no kids but a mother of six, Jenny Masche, could run 26 miles - a feat I don't feel the need to train for? Only for Masche to say the race was "exhilirating." Are you kidding me?

I guess Masche showed me to "just do it" - another cliche but what can I say, it fits. That doesn't mean I'll get a shot of adrenaline tomorrow morning and all other mornings or evenings to work out. But her story, at least paints a mental picture of not whining or maybe doing the task inspite of how I feel.

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