Monday, June 30, 2008

Letter to Bubba!

Dear President Clinton:

Thank you for FINALLY talking to Sen. Barack Obama. I mean in this technology advanced days, phone tags happen for three weeks between both of you. There have been speculations you were ticked off about the loss of your wife's campaign, that's understandable since you haven't loss any campaign run since 1980 - that's about three decades. Wow! That's an accomplishment within itself. So I could only imagine the disappoinment, no, despair of your wife's loss for another stay at the White House. It must be really sad your "two for the price of one" prophecy in your first run as President didn't come to pass.

But that's life; you can't always get what you want. It seems another person might be getting that chance but rumors have circulated you will not support him, or enthusiastically support him because of his campaigns painting you as a racist, thereby tainting your legacy. That is such bull. Nobody will ever deem you a racist, we know you will try anything to win but you Sir, are no racist.

We in the black community will always have a special place in our hearts for you. Until that "fairytale" comment in South Carolina, most of us were actually supporting your wife. Even afterwards, we understand you have to help your wife win. That is the RIGHT thing to do.

But the downside is that she was your wife and you were the former President of the United States. That's why there were so many raw emotions from you that left many of us confounded. But in hindsight, we understand. This is one of the reasons, a surgeon never operates on his family - too much history, he'll get on everybody's nerves working on the person and he might hurt the family member in the process. Hmm, that actually happened in this Presidential race.

But I digress. What I really want to say is that you are needed in this historic campaign. Obama said so himself. He saw what happened to Al Gore in 2000 when he refused your help to campaign - he thought folks were still worried about "Monica-gate." You are a brilliant politician. There's a reason you're the only Democrat to win two-terms as President in 40 years. And don't you think, the man saw as "the first black President" philosophically has to help and campaign as hard for the "first black President" practically?

You releasing a tepid 27-word statement last week when the likes of your oratory skills haven't been seen in a generation just didn't look good. Your legacy hasn't been tainted just because we saw a different side of you during the Primaries but it sure will if you choose to do nothing in getting Obama the win.