Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clinton Not Conceding

What was that last night? Here I was waiting to hear a great speech from the most formidable opponent I’ve ever seen and I was left dumbfounded. What was Sen. Hillary Clinton thinking? I wasn’t sure if she was still stuck in the first stage of her grieving process, the state of denial. But I thought with the delegate numbers, she should have been on the last stage of acceptance by now.

There I was listening to what was supposed to be a great speech with congratulating her opponent Sen. Barack Obama for the strong campaign he ran (note to Sen. Clinton: He won), getting the popular vote (not exactly), and energizing a diverse base through her campaign (most women over 65). Then there were some grand moments in the speech about climate change, health care and the Iraq war. “Great Senator, we’re waiting for the touch,” I thought to myself. “ . . .And I will be making no decision tonight” she said. Are you kidding me!

The look I gave my TV set must have been a Kodak moment. Senator, how do you blow a defining moment like that? Gosh! You don’t cheapen a critical time your party needs unity to asking for petitions (and money) on your website.

The great Paul Newman once said, “show me a good loser and I will show you a loser.” But in some instances, I respectfully disagree with Mr. Newman. Sometimes, the most gracious loser could be the utmost winner in character. I was looking for such character in Sen. Clinton and I was left wanting.

I’m a woman and she represents a person who shattered the marble ceiling. It is nothing short of inspirational. But as much as I want to see a woman be President of the United States in my lifetime, a black man who could accomplish the same feat for the first time captured my hope. Last night could have been a time she showed herself a real profile in courage. It is disheartening she failed to seize the moment, in seeing you don’t have to win everything to be one.

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