Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fareed Zakaria Gets Some Smooches

Fareed Zakaria finally gets his own show – about time! I’ve long been an admirer of Newsweek International correspondent Fareed Zakaria. Jon Stewart teased him recently about the number of times (11) he’s been on "The Daily Show." For me, he’s the international Anderson Cooper. Also, I think Esquire Magazine agrees with me (my ego talking) by naming him “one of the 21 most important people in the 21st century.

He brings the world’s view to the filtered-down journalism many Americans are used to. Seriously, when did journalists become shouting talking heads? Also, I feel many Americans are so insular to the points of being clueless of what’s happening in other parts of the world. Of course Americans get moved when a tragedy happens such as the Tsunami, or the recent China Earthquakes which is commendable. But what about when it appears everything is the norm; why can’t we learn about cultures?

But I don’t put all the blame on Americans; hey we have a President who’s made our image tarnished around the world. You ask me how? How about speaking to the United Nations when you want to go for a war? How about not implying some people of a certain religion are “evil doers of the world?” Don’t get me started on the profiling of Arabic names on the war against terror.

Why am I highlighting this on my blog? If you read my profile I said I was a black female with a unique background. Well the unique background comes from the fact that I am an American by birth but I didn’t live in the country all my life. So, I do see things differently from the prism of my diverse environments. Last year, a relative had to remind me, “you don’t have an American view, you have a world view” during a discussion about my frustration with folks questioning Sen. Barack Obama’s blackness. Well I think I have both the American and the world view. And I wished many of my American counterparts would have the same.

My wish was granted with Zakaria’s new show on CNN, Fareed Zakaria GPS. I caught the show last Sunday afternoon and it was excellent. I can still see Zakaria’s nerves from doing his first premiered show on a major network like CNN but he appeared calm as the show went on. He interviewed scholars, reporters (Christian Amanpour), and Diplomats of different countries about how the U.S. election season is being observed around the world.

Then he interviewed former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair on his new platform on religion. Blair is doing a commendable work in bringing people of different faiths around the world to communicate – an interfaith platform.

Wow, don’t we need that in this day and time especially in America. I really hope this show will have some great (or regular) ratings because it has definitely found a fan in me.

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