Friday, June 20, 2008

Pregnancy Pact

What’s going on with our girls? What’s going on that these girls have to be so desperate for love and affection to think only a baby’s unconditional love will do? Why would a bunch of teenagers want babies so bad that the end justifies the means? The means here is a total disregard for safety for their lives to the point of one of the girls could sleep with a homeless man to justify the end – the baby.

In case you’ve been oblivious to the news cycle the past 12 hours, the breaking news was a pregnancy pact by a group of Massachusetts high school teenagers. Time Magazine broke the story and the Mainstream Media has been reporting the news since last night.

Here was my first reaction to the “breaking news”: Not surprised! This was because early this year news report showed teenage pregnancy spiked for the first time in 15 years. My second reaction was I’ve seen this story before. I’ve seen this kind of tendencies among friends when the alpha girl in the group gets pregnant, for some reason, the others in the niche want the same attention and start getting pregnant.

This is where I wonder what kind of self worth or purpose today’s girls have for their lives. And another thing, where are the fathers? Listening to the TV report on the pregnancy pact showed one gloomy fact; there is no father in the house. Seriously! Notice I didn’t say mothers? A girl’s affirmation comes from her father or a father-like figure in her life. The nurture typically comes from the mother.

Yes a mother can try to wear the two hats but it doesn’t replace the fact there is a SIGNIFICANT function of the father. Chris Rock said it best when talking about those who want to be single mothers without having the fathers present in the child’s life: “Just because you can raise a baby by yourself doesn’t mean is a f***ing good idea!”

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