Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama and Clinton in Unity

Awww, isn't that special? Two former rivals all color-coordinating, the winner kissing his closest contender on the cheek and chatting on the plane. Am I being punk'd? Ok, I loved the script - well played.

Both parties had to do this. I thought Clinton was more herself than ever before. Sure she had to prepare her speech; the "hearts," "united" words were directed to her base (women). And Obama was extremely gracious to her and acknowledged the hard-fought campaign they had; that in my opinion, toughened him up as a candidate.

Obama has a long way to go with some women but I thought his speech was a beautiful introduction to who he is as a father to two young girls, his fight for them to take for granted women will make just the same amount as the guys for the exact same work, and how his contender handled bias (about her gender) with grace.

So does this little place called "unity" bring the momentum the Democrats need to win the white house for the fourth time in 40 years? Not so fast, but I think it's a good start.