Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nader: Obama trying to "talk white"

Party pooper alert! Party pooper alert! Ralph Nader is in the house stinking up the whole joint. OMG! How does an irrelevant Presidential candidate get the much-needed attention he craves? By perpetuating a stereotype about the most popular candidate in the race. So score for Nader since the Media insatiable appetite literally ate it up by giving him major airtime for the crappy statement.

In the process, Nader manages to bring up a cultural angst of educated people of color feelings of betrayal of race by just speaking proper English. Or he tried to bring up the subject of poverty in the ghettos and predatory lending schemes but does Nader think poverty only affect the ghettos? Checked out the trailer parks lately?

I’m glad Obama didn’t make such fuss about Nader’s remarks; like my aforementioned statement and Obama’s reiteration, Nader just wants some attention.

Tags: Ralph Nader, Talking White