Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Barack The Vote

“Today I dream a bigger dream. Today I have a greater hope . . .” Those were the words that started out my journal entry for the night of June 3, 2008. A night I will never forget. A night I saw the son of an African father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas become the first African-American Presidential nomination.

As a person who identifies with Sen. Barack Obama’s story and share a unique name that I’ve lost count how many times someone asked me my name’s origin. Here is proof that a unique name doesn’t divide us; that we accomplish more when we embrace our differences. That you are no different an American named John Smith to someone named Barack Obama.

So thank you Barack Obama for writing a new American story. Thank you for making my generation who knew theoretically we could accomplish anything regardless of race, ethnicity, or background to seeing practically, how it’s done.

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