Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shaq Takes Shot At Kobe

I guess the feud is alive and well regardless of what both parties said. The two parties here are Shaq and Kobe. I chose not to say anything about Shaq since his last ill-advised and classless rant he made against his former Miami Heat teammates last March and anyone who knows me, knows I don’t care for Kobe as a person. Why my change of heart to blog about these two knuckleheads? I’m a basketball fan and no matter how I try to avoid it, these two will come up in a conversation sooner or later.

So the conversation on all sports media is about Shaq’s latest “freestyle” rap against Kobe for not winning the championship among other things. First, let me admit, the video was hilarious! It was great to burst out in laughter at the end of the day while watching the video on TV. For a split second, I missed Shaq’s weekly or bi-weekly antics on the local news.

Second, let me get back to my serious side and ask what was Shaq thinking? Seriously! In this age of camera phones and YouTube not to talk of Shaq’s gigantic celebrity status, Shaq must have known that a “freestyle” he did in a New York City nightclub against a nemesis of his will be media gold in an hour or latest, the next morning. And who was Shaq fooling saying the rap was all in fun? Really Shaq? Not only has this rap cost you your Deputy Sheriff badge for its profanity but also, it might (no, it will) get you some fines from David Stern (I’ve always felt his last name was apt as a Commissioner).

Third, Shaq is too old for this “stuff.” (Fill in the blanks of what I really want to write) He’s 36 years old and when you become a man, you should put away childish things. Psst Shaq, people were already rooting for you when Kobe didn’t win the championship last week; they felt you still got one more ring apart from him. You should have left it at that and grin on the inside. Stepping in front of the mic to diss Kobe after your public reconciliation was childish (though I still give it up to you for being funny).

Finally, in your rap you said Kobe caused your divorce. Ok Shaq, TIMEOUT! Yes Kobe was wrong (and a punk) for throwing you under the bus after his alleged rape charge but let’s be honest his accusation wasn’t without merit. Besides, you were still with your soon to be ex-wife five years afterwards; so why now would you say he caused your divorce? Hmm, can you look at yourself in the mirror and say your philandering ways on South Beach had nothing to do with the demise of your marriage?

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